Our Story

When Lahore Village (formally known as Lahore Kebab House), first opened its doors in 1995 it was a small take-away seating only 20 people. Within a couple of months its popularity soared and its reputation was cemented by the rows of customers queuing around the block, often fro a taste of its most popular dish thus far – the Masala Fish, compromising of a top secret blend of ingredients, which has been greatly imitated by restaurants all over the UK, albeit unsuccessfully. The family run business went from strength strength and in 2000 the restaurant relocated to a bigger premises opposite from what is known as Lahore Ice Cream Corner. With their dreams realised, the success of the restaurant as quoted by the then owners ‘can only owe itself to the larger customer base that visit the restaurant by themselves, with friends or with family, and who spread the words to others who are yet to experience what Lahore has to offer.’

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Lahore Village has recently expanded it’s offering and is available to cater for wedding, birthday parties